We are building a world of frictionless and customized experiences. Enjoy life with no hassle.

The world has changed. We shifted from a world of possesion, mass market and standardisation to a world of experience, customisation and quest for purpose. But a lot of the frictions of the past is still there. Wistly is here to change that...

We believe that with trust, care, technology and data we can offer a new way to interact with places, people and businesses.
The first part of this new experience will start in early 2020. Stay tuned.

What we stand for :

1 In a world of experience, services should be customized, user first and friction free.

2 You should never have to lose time to register to a service you will use only once or twice or download apps that will be irrelevant a few days later.

3 You should never have to give the same informations again and again.

4 You should have a simple and efficient access to information.

5 You should be able to activate and cancel any service in one single click. No hidden costs or unclear conditions.

6 You should have the power to choose when you want to give personal informations and not.

7 You should be able to make services talk and cooperate together when you want it.

8 You should always be able to find the best option and to compare things easily.

9 You should get proactive support that solve your problems even before you realise there is something wrong.

10 There sould be a standard for experience, guaranting a great ux and lettings services to add their own magic on top of it.